Oyi Frequently Asked Questions


What is Oyi?

Oyi is a prepaid medical card that ONLY pays at medical facilities. This is to help you budget and save for your healthcare with discipline and peace of mind.

Can I pay for my family ?

Yes, you may use your Oyi card to pay for any member of your family.

Is it accepted by all doctors and healthcare providers ?

Yes, the Oyi card is a Mastercard debit card and is accepted by all healthcare providers in South Africa (doctors, pharmacies, paternity tests, specialists, blood tests, x-rays and many more).

How to apply ?

It's quick and easy!

  1. Click here to apply.
  2. Send a copy or clear photo of your ID or Passpport via WhatsApp 076 084 6513 or email docs@oyi.co.za.
  3. We courier your card anywhere in South Africa.

Is there a minimum monthly saving amount ?

There is no minimum monthly savings amount. You may deposit and save any amount that fits your family's budget.

Am I committed to deposit every month ?

No, there is no commitment to deposit every month. We encourage you to make regular deposits considering your family's ongoing healthcare needs.

How do I load my card ?

You may topup your Oyi card via any of the following options:

  • EFT/Bank transfer (Free).
  • Payroll deduction through your Employer (Free).
  • Cash deposit at any FNB ATM.
  • 1ForYou voucher at your retailer (Checkers, Shoprite, Spazas and many more).
  • Debit order.

How do I get my card ?

We deliver via courier to your nearest pick-up location.

We commit to have the card in your hands within 10 days.

Note:We order your card with the supplier only after your first top-up.

How much does it cost ?

The Fees are described here.

Who is Oyi for?

Do you pay cash for doctors and medicine?
Does your medical-aid run out or gets exhausted?
Do you have dependants and extended family who rely on you for unexpected healthcare expenses?

Use Oyi to put money away for a rainy day. It offers the discipline and flexibility to prepare for unforeseen healthcare expenses while it also complements a typical medical-aid when it runs out.

Do my savings expire ?

Your medical savings do not expire. It is yours forever!

What documents do I need to apply ?

We only need a copy of your ID or Passport to process your application.

I'm a student, do I qualify ?

Yes, Oyi is for everyone.

I'm unemployed, do I qualify ?

Yes, Oyi is for everyone.

Is it a medical-aid ?

No, Oyi is NOT a medical-aid.

Is there a waiting period ?

There is no waiting period. You may use your card balance anytime to pay the doctor and buy medicine.

Does it only cover nominated members ?

No, you may use your Oyi card to pay for any member of your family.

Do I need to claim before I go to the doctor ?

Simply swipe or tap your card on the Speedpoint and enter your PIN - it's that simple!

Can I withdraw cash at an ATM ?

No, you CANNOT withdraw cash from your Oyi card.

Does it work everywhere ?

Yes, the Oyi card works at all healthcare providers (doctors, pharmacies, paternity tests, specialists, blood tests, x-rays and many more) where Mastercard is accepted.

What if I have more than one emergency ?

You may use the card many times up to your card's available balance.

Is Oyi a registered FSP ?

The Oyi card is issued in association with Access Bank South Africa Limited, a registered bank and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 5865).

How long does it take to process my application ?

It takes less than a minute.

When do I get my card ?

You card is delivered after a topup of R100 or more.

On average, we deliver the card within 5 working days.

I don't have all the document. Can I apply ?

Yes, you may apply without all the documents. Please send outstanding documents to docs@oyi.co.za.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue your card without all the required documents.

I am under Debt-Review. Can I apply ?

Yes, Oyi is for everyone.

I am blacklisted. Can I apply ?

Yes, Oyi is for everyone.